И снова о конвертировании .frd файлов

Из англоязычной yahoo-группы про Calculix, пара скриптов для конвертирования калькуликсовских .frd файлов в другие форматы:

Dear Sathish,

I did some tests with Vtkpost but it was very slow (slower than the analysis itself).

‘Calculix extra’ is probably the best solution, but for my purpose, it seemed to be faster to write a script file to translate frd files to vtk files (which can be read by paraview).

I wrote such a script to do that under linux (I actually use FreeBSD). It is not polished. It just fits my needs. It works with 2d order tetrahedrons (i use netgen for my meshes). As it is, it only extracts 1 set from the file. It is certainly not optimised but it is anyway much faster than vtkpost. It would not be too difficult to customise it to fit other needs. It may interest someone..?

It also uses two small c++ programs: tet2vtk (tetrahedrons) and tenseigen (calculation of eigen values and vectors). These two programs use the VTK library (easy to install in many linux distributions).

you can download the script and the c++ files at:

[For the options of the c++ programs, I use simpleopt, a header file available at: http://code.jellycan.com/]

Best wishes,


On 26 November 2013 23:01, wrote:

Vtkpost works well but time consuming.

I think that Calculix extras is better choice.

Translate tools in Open Engineering Suite of bConverged is another choice.

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There is a project named Vtkpost that can convert frd to vtk, then Paraview can be used.


Dear Peter Gutafson

Many thanks. This is excellent news. Many of us are not great programmers or linux experts. Even finding it very difficult to install these products on our machines. Can anybody prepare a video on how to install this on ubuntu. Install ccx from scratch, and demonstrate how patch/compile. Finally, view it in paraview.

This is of great help to us.



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Results can be viewed in paraview if you patch/compile against 2.6.1
using the code here:


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On 11/25/2013 04:10 AM, nammisk@… wrote:
> Hi, I would like to know whether or not it is possible to view CalculiX results in Paraview. I do know that CGX is the only dedicated postprocessor exclusively designed for ccx. The commercial pre and post-processor GID can also read CCX results. However, it is not know how good GID is as a post-processor to read CCX results. Has anybody used GID to read .frd files of ccx?
> Sathish Nammi

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